Town of Shenanigansett

established 2012

A Letter from The Mayor

Hello, friend:
The Town of Shenanigansett was founded in 2012, but the origins stretch further back, into the hearts and minds of its founders. Like many displaced people throughout history, they saw a coming schism between the place they lived and the friends they cherished, and recognized that a time would come when that chasm would become uncrossable. Instead of lamenting this inevitability (The Bagel of Compromise), they set out to cheat fate, to find their own future land, one that they could grow into as they grew together.
Shenanigansett is as much an idea as a place, and its an idea that you might share, too. You won’t find it in MapQuest or a AAA TripTik—instead, it shares the almost mystical qualities of those promised lands whispered about across time: El Dorado. Shangri-La. Valhalla. Brigadoon.
You’ll know it when you see it. You’ll know when you’re there. And the only way to find it is to stop looking and look within.
Until then, we’ll be here, waiting.
Ryan McManus
Ryan McManus Mayor, Shenaningansett
(dictated but not read)
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